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The Hungarian Festival Ballet

The average age is twenty-two years. Their movements are precise, their look is clear , their faces are beaming. They are all choice people. Although they glanced the creature's sanctuary but they can be become priest only by the devoted hard everyday work. They haven't acquired the initiation yet, but his Master has already possessed the promise. The Master - they called him among themselves - led them by Thalia towards the shrine, where they defeated the matter, the body of work and  the art's and spirit's pure light can glow on their faces. So they become one.

The shared secret makes them one. It is a miracle in itself. Miracle, which is extremely simple, easy to recognize. People create but the divine intention generate.

There were ages when people believed in miracles and who has produced them was respected as a saint or a brilliant artist. The excellent artist  were supported by the generous patronage. The patrons knew their own wealth increases with the shine of the supported the artist. For example the Renaissance Ages, which shows the artist and their supporters as well. With the true faith in the art and with the generous supporters the Hungarian Festival Ballet can exist.

Today, when the crisis of culture and the opportunities of the supporting go almost commonplace, every kind of help is exemplary, which create a small light of the culture spirit amoung the everyday problems.

One of the main work of Zarathustra, Nietzsche says in his speech to the people: "And lost be the day to us in which a measure hath not been danced. And false be every truth which hath not had laughter along with it!"

The Hungarian Festival Ballet has no any lost days.